Subject of Interest

Pursuing your field with passion. I was an avid childhood reader. Thumbing through chapter books by nightlight, I would read anything engaging with a happy ending that I could get my hands on at the library. I was captivated by adventure, fantasy and mystery. Magic Tree House and Harry Potter were two of my go-to … Continue reading Subject of Interest


There’s an app for that

A common complaint I have heard from fellow students, ADHD and otherwise, is the inability to balance the workload that is thrown at them upon entering college. While lifestyle adjustments, prioritizing, and time management are the real solutions, it doesn't hurt to find your fair share of "hacks," supplements and organizational systems to help you … Continue reading There’s an app for that

Wake Up Call

Give it a rest. Initially I refrained from discussing sleep habits, as this is something I have struggled with my whole life. Many ADHD individuals experience bursts of creativity and energy as unforeseen times and will work late and oversleep. This is a pattern I've adapted to, choosing to work late jobs, find quiet study … Continue reading Wake Up Call

Running on Full

Building endurance and focus. I've mentioned in the past the way exercise routines coincide with day-to-day habits and the benefits of working working out into your life. A common perception of ADHD individuals is someone constantly bouncing off the walls with energy, however, this is not always the case. Realistically, the constant barrage of information, … Continue reading Running on Full

Forward From Failure

Bouncing back from the stress-induced shutdowns in college (and life.) A little context. I'm not one to immediately jump into writing from a raw and personal basis. Gradually, I'm breaking myself of that fear in order to provide open, honest and relatable advice-centered content, and generally be more accessible! My last post was approximately three … Continue reading Forward From Failure

Spaced Out

How your environment affects focus and productivity. In the fall of 2014, I began my freshman year of college and subsequently dove into sharing a living space with someone else for the very first time. My roommate was very type-A and neatly structured everything. Our decor matched and complemented each other, we each had a tiny … Continue reading Spaced Out

Move Along: Hyperfocus and Task Switching.

Slowing things down when you're going a mile a minute. Often overlooked in the transitional period between traditional public schooling and undergrad is the structural removal of set study periods and block structured courses. For students struggling with ADD, graduating high school and departing from the traditional K-12 course layout is a breath of fresh … Continue reading Move Along: Hyperfocus and Task Switching.